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Welcome To Lion Tree Store!
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Welcome To Lion Tree Store!

Join The Organic Movement with Us

Lion Tree is a cautiously created idea of conveying nature to your doorstep.


We trust that nobody ought to need to trade off their wellbeing for beauty. Together with our brands, we’re standing firm AGAINST TOXINS in close-to-home consideration, declining to make do with anything other than the most secure, best items. We’re moving the attitudes — and building a network of activists who need a superior sort of beauty.

Lion Tree Started a setup at Delhi with a focus on pure organic and handmade-finished products, promoting women employment. We envision a future where environmentally and socially responsible ethical business of organic and hand-made products of excellence can serve customers across all over India.

Lion Tree is a plant-powered, cruelty-free Hand-made brand that offers 100% Veg. hair care, skincare, face, and body grooming essentials for your lifestyle. We are committed to providing the highest quality products on the market backed by science. Our products are designed to help you maintain healthy and beautiful hair without compromising your beliefs.


Toxic Chemicals can be destructive for various reasons. Some may dry out the skin while others have been connected to malignant growth. Regularly, these toxic chemicals are put into items to make them all the more satisfying — regardless of whether to smell a specific way, make a more extravagant foam, or give them a more drawn-out time span of usability. Be that as it may, our bodies don’t realize how to process them.

At Lion Tree Wagon, we guarantee each Natural Ingredient in our items assumes a positive job in your wellbeing. No drawbacks or bargains are permitted.

– 100% purity (we believe in raw and organic — directly from nature without any complex processing, etc. — to maintain the highest nutrient level) and Promotes Farmers Financial Sustainability.

– 100% free from chemicals like SLS, Parabens, Formaldehyde, Petroleum, Mineral Oils, Heavy Metals like Lead, PEGs, Glycols, Disodium EDTA etc.

– 100% animal cruelty-free (products are not tested on animals) Our all products are cruelty free and made with love and care.

– Highest quality natural ingredients and 100 % transparency through Ingredients

– 100 % Hand-made Products and Promotes eco-friendly, sustainable and nature-based living.





To get affirmed from us, an item must be sheltered, viable, and sumptuous to encounter. We’re uncompromising, some may state-determined, in our mission to locate the best items, and we figure you ought to be, as well.



We are focused on curating the best of characteristic beauty without trading off on proficiency and guaranteeing that every one of our items is cold-bloodedness-free.


We are offer high quality & Best products

Natural Derived Oil

Color Free

Mother & Baby Safe

Toxic Chemical Free

Fragrance & Essential Oil Free

Handmade Product

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